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Cart #boginrufi-0 | 2019-09-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Alright, the title explains what this is really. So I mapped a random """heightmap""" to the sprite sheet (using poke), later in _draw() I SSPRed the whole sheet, giving 128 rows from the sprite sheet on the screen. Then I offset the Y using the function √1-x^2 modified to look more visually appealing, and hacking off the sides so weird noise wasn't visible. Offsetting the source of the SSPR on the X-axis allowed me to scroll what was visible to the user.

You might say, "Hey, that noise looks like sh!t", and yeah you're right. This is not quality noise. but I coded the noise in like 2 hours, so cut some slack, please. My current project doesn't need noise thats anymore complex than this. I don't need a fancy system of noise. Also, please ignore how bad my code is, I can be a bit of a spaghetti coder.

(Btw: Z/X to rotate the cynlindar, i submitted this to share less as a resource so i didnt include user interface text)

P#67361 2019-09-07 17:01

:: dw817

Reminds me of MCP.

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:: dw817

Everyone ?

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