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Cart #egypt-3 | 2020-03-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Welcome to the mystical land of Ancient Egypt! One day, you find yourself lost within a mysterious temple, when you come across a goddess incarnated as a jewel. Your job is to restore the goddess's power by breaking the seals found throughout the temple.

To break a seal, you must match together all of the idols within it. This is done by moving your jewel onto arrow tiles, which shift your row or column in the given direction (and the idols along with it). Once you match up all the idols in a level, the game is over.


  • D-PAD: Moves your jewel UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT.
  • Z/C/N: Lets you choose a magic spell to use. Use LEFT and RIGHT to choose between them, and X/V/M to confirm. Use Z/C/N to go back.
  • X/V/M: Lets you enter a level on the world map.
  • P/Enter: Pauses the game. On the world map, this tells you a password (just in case!). In a level, this gives you the options to restart the level or give up.

Version History

  • v1.02 (March 30th, 2020)
    Fixed password length restriction
  • v1.01 (August 25th, 2019)
    Fixed some debug code
  • v1.0 (August 25th, 2019)
    Initial release for GBJAM 7
P#66935 2019-08-25 09:01 ( Edited 2020-03-31 02:15)

Oh I know I've seen this game before ! It was for the Famicom. Long time ago.
It has also since been 100% translated to English now.


P#66950 2019-08-26 03:59 ( Edited 2019-08-26 04:23)

@dw817 "Due to some seals placed here, I've losr (sic) all power."

Not very well, it seems. That's why I had another translator on this project! 👍

P#66954 2019-08-26 05:11

The version I have has the following story:
. . .

I found a palace that no
man has ever viewed.

Very soon, I found myself


A large, shimmering
jewel appeared before me.

"I am a god trapped

"I have waited for you
for years...."

"You have been trapped
here as well."

"Due to some seals
placed here, I've lost all

With my low power, this
is the only way I can talk."

"The jewel has the
power to break the
temple seals."

"I don't have the power
to use it."

"Enter the jewel and
set me free from this
accursed temple."

. . .

No spelling errors to my knowledge. I used an IPS patch to convert my version from Japanese to English. Not a direct download of the cart itself.

In any case you've made a very nice clone for PICO-8 with a better text story. Very playable. Very enjoyable. :)

Here is a STAR and FAVORITED.

P#66964 2019-08-26 16:37 ( Edited 2019-08-26 16:45)

@dw817 The video you linked has the "losr" typo. That's not the main reason why I had it retranslated, though; I felt like the size of the textbox in that version forced a lot of context out of the lines. Because I had the box space, I decided to add the longer text here (it certainly explained more to me than any of the English version patches I've seen).

And thank you!

P#66965 2019-08-26 16:53

No, your text is better. No doubt about it. It's just - I've played many video games, and I definitely recognized this one.

The video I linked may have had this single grammatical error. I tend to keep abreast of latest IPS translations as I'm always interested and often playing video games from all time periods.

Clearly these patches are always in a flux of improvement from dedicated gamers and I'm always after the latest incarnations of them.

It's a good tribute you did here.

P#66967 2019-08-26 19:10

@dw817 I'm a big fan of the original version of this one, and thank you for your kind words!

P#66996 2019-08-28 19:14

Awesome port. I think i'm about half way through at the moment...

P#67905 2019-09-19 19:33

Very nice sound design !

P#67936 2019-09-20 13:06

How do you get to the world map?

P#70234 2019-11-25 23:32

@the shark saver You start out on the world map. It's the place with the Star of David in the middle.

There are 19 of these worlds in the game. Find them all!

P#70235 2019-11-25 23:51

How do each of the items work?

P#117907 2022-09-24 17:09

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