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While starting work on my little deflektor project I decided to have classic 7 segment led style numbers, my first iteration (the one currently in the game...) is based on sprites but I wanted something a bit more versatile. This is a basic line drawing small library to handle 7 segment led like any digit length display. It should be fairly easy to define a text set and draw 7 segment text desplays (just need a table with the segment mapping for every letter and put up a wrapping function that receives a text and not a number)

It supports background displaying of segments ("off" segments), color configuration and segment width configuration. The cart includes the library and a very basic demo on what it can do

I might be working on reducing token size a bit (library itself is around 300 tokens) and I think there's some salvageable space there, but don't count on it for now

Hope it helps someone out needing a 7 segment style display

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Thnx @freds72 That was the intention ;)

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