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How would you guys introduce someone to Pico-8? I guess I'm really asking two things here...how would you introduce someone to the playing side of Pico-8, or the making side of Pico-8? I've been thinking about it but it's kinda hard to explain the concept and appeal sometimes.

P#65271 2019-06-18 23:59


The playing side is easy. Just show them a good game. Good games are good games regardless of platform. Then if they start asking questions you can casually segue into the dev side and the concept of the thing.

P#65283 2019-06-19 10:24

I find it easier to introduce the making side of Pico-8 first.

I start with the sprite editor, draw a simple sprite.
Then go to the code editor and show how easy it is to draw that sprite to the screen.
Then go back and add simple controls.
And then maybe the map and sfx. All very fast and simple.

By then, everyone wants to try it out. If they aren't already programmers, then they probably try drawing sprites or making sounds, but they are also interested to learn code too.

Then I show them all the games already made in splore and how easy it is to play one, then show them how awesome it is to view the game's code and sprites, and make small changes that appear in the game immediately.

Honestly, it's a lot like how Dylan Bennett runs through it in his Delightful Game Development video introducing Pico-8.
I hope to make some great intro videos too in the future. Something you can sit your friends down in front of and just tell them to follow the video to make their first game and get 'em hooked! Haha

P#65322 2019-06-21 14:29

Thank you both for the input! I think you both make good points. There are some amazing carts on the forum, you're right. I also think your idea of just showing how accessible Pico-8 is could be a great idea as well. Please do make your introductory videos! I'd love to be able to introduce more friends to Pico-8.

P#65345 2019-06-22 19:56

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