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Cart #findingcookie-1 | 2019-04-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Ludum Dare entry for this game

Grandma is on yet another quest to find her beloved Cookie and save a few other stray cats on her way.

Controls: arrows to move, Z to shoot

This is a rogue-like game project by @Niarkou and me. We started it for Ludum Dare 44 and ran out of time, but we will continue working on it!

P#64091 2019-04-30 12:50 ( Edited 2019-04-30 22:58)

If you get Cookie and keep on destroying enemies, the game will crash, if that's important.

P#64100 2019-04-30 18:28

@Thom Thanks, that’s important :-) We patched the crash.

P#64107 2019-04-30 22:57

I like how you do not actually have to find Cookie, as that would be virtually impossible in all the landscapes, but instead kill lots of birds and odd gelatinous creatures, which happen to make cats attracted to your destructive aura.

P#64153 2019-05-02 19:44

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