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Hello, I saw in the new changelog that Voxatron can now run Pico 8 cartridge , I tried it on my version , but didn't find any "pico 8" section , I tried opening a .p8.png in the designer , but it just crashed the console. This feature really hyped me , so I'll be more than happy to try it , thanks to anyone who read me.

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In one of the Objects tabs, you can import .p8 files using the "Load Item Into Folder" button, and it becomes an object you can place in the room. Because the API, palette and display dimensions are all super-sets of PICO-8's, most cartridges will run with little or no modification. You can use set_draw_slice(z) to indicate which 128x128 slice should be drawn to. By drawing layers multiple times, and using the PICO-8 camera mode (in the room properties top right), you can make thick 2D games. Here's a quick test with Celeste:

from Blog post: Voxatron 0.3.5: Fantasy Console Update

I played with it but couldn't get it working.
It's possible it's a bug and it's been fixed for next revision of voxatron :)

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You import .p8.png carts using the "Load item into folder" button (.p8 carts are not supported currently.) This is for the latest version of Voxatron.

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