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I am interested in the future making a game (not even sure if it would be in Unity, Game Maker, Godot, or something else) and having some dusty arcade cabinet that you find - and it has a Pico-8 arcade game on it!

I am wondering how feasible it is for the Pico-8 game to be embedded and how well the game canvas could be moved around and positioned, incorporated into the game, to look like it's in a cabinet, etc., or if it's even possible at all.

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So basically you want to do what Celeste did? They did it, so it is feasible, but what they did was actually porting the PICO-8 game to C# https://twitter.com/NoelFB/status/885176599028523009

If you make a game in JavaScript, you can probably include the exported JS file somehow? I'm not familiar with JavaScript but I assume it'd be possible.

Otherwise you'd have to implement the PICO-8 API itself and run the Lua code in it, I suppose? Kind of like the picolove project.

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I don't want to go through the trouble of porting it, that's the whole point. I'd just like to take what I have - the .js or one of the exported bins - and somehow have it play inside of another game. And that game would most likely not be made with javascript.

It might be more trouble than it's worth. I could probably port it now pretty easily since I've already coded it once.

This is mostly just spitballing. It sounds like it would sort of be possible, but I would have to implement the Pico8 API... that sounds probably harder than coding the game I have from scratch in another language.

I'm still curious though if what I'm aiming to do would be possible so if anyone know how to do this...

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