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Ohaiyo zep - i had a funny thing happen when i died with five or so aliens firing the death rings at me. they kept firing but because i was dead (maybe) the rings became very slowed down and looked like little swarms of bees. It is a great looking effect and i wondered if you will have a particle system for non-active particles, to make smoke, mist or swarms of bees/butterflys that dont need to interact. or just bounce away when touched. anyway i couldnt think of any cool extra things to add except for simple two frame animations. for example to make a object with a flashing light or a step that lit up when you stepped on it. anyway none of this is that important just a few thoughts!

P#6005 2012-03-17 22:23 ( Edited 2012-04-02 02:51)

That's a nice example of a bug which turns out to be interesting and should be made legit

So, there's going to be a type of object called 'animation' which is an optionally non-interactive sequence of frames; e.g. tall grass or sparkles that you can walk through. Not sure how spawning will work yet, but it's likely that objects will be able to respond to some event by spawning other objects. So, yeah -- giving off smoke when a machine has low health is a good example. Sem-interactive wildlife could be nice too -- fireflies, or creatures that run away from you when close.

P#6014 2012-03-24 05:27 ( Edited 2012-03-24 09:28)

cool! good for holograms and lasers, ripples, faux wind fx, lightning, fire, hair!?
ha imagine a voxatron surf level, surfs up dude! surf waves, kick sharks in the nose and sunbath on the beach. oh yeah autumn leaves would be another good use or clouds that conceal oponents

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