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Is it supposed to actually work? I mean load("anothercart.p8.png").

I've had some feedback that it doesn't but can't find any info here on the BBS...

(I don't have a RPi, so can't test first hand)


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:: enargy

Do you mean a RPi running RetroPie and using the built-in launcher thingy (EmulationStation), or one running Raspbian?

I haven't had a check to play with my RPi3 for a while, but I'm pretty sure I've tested cart loading (using load() inside a cart) and it worked fine..

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thanks Enargy!
yes it's launched through Emulation Station.
if you do "pico8 -run /somerandomdir/cart_a.p8", pico8 will run cart_a alright, but won't look for cart_b in /somerandomdir. the obvious solution would be to set root_path in config.txt, but it didn't seem to help. Well, I"ll try to have it doublechecked...

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