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Hey all. I was trying to create some sprites which would tile on the screen. I was looking for some sort of editor that would help me draw some easily but couldn't find anything.

Anyways, I started working on a little web tool where you can draw wrapping sprites. Check it out:

You can draw on either canvas. Kind of rough at the moment but functional. No export functionality yet. For me, this is mostly a way to visualize tiling sprites easily.

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:: Felice

All you'd need for export is to have the gfx-tagged hex string for the sprites on the page, really.

I think the format is (use square brackets instead of parens):


Where the first two nybbles are the width, the second two are the height, and the p nybbles are the pixel values in raw linear format.

Then someone can just highlight it and copy/paste into PICO-8.

You can set the font size really small to make it easy to select. This is what zep does when you click "Copy" under a cart on the BBS.

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