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UPDATE: This version adds support for up to 8 AI or human players and a variety of stage sizes. Players (humans and AI) can be on any combination of up to 8 teams.


UPDATE: This version adds support for AI opponents. You can have up to 7 of them. And up to 2 human players. Not fully tested, so please leave feedback about any bugs/crash issues.


Player 1 starts on Offense with Player 2 on Defense.

Offense players can grab and then toss the ball towards the goal. While the ball is held, the Defense can not swat it away, BUT the ball can only be held for ~1.5 seconds at a time.

Defense players can only swat the ball. Their goal is to move the ball away from the Offense players -- if the ball hits the goal, it only 'counts' if the Offense player was the last person to toss it.

As the ball moves, the yarn unravels and the ball becomes smaller. This is used instead of a timer or score limit -- when the yarn runs out completely, the teams switch sides and Player 2 has a chance to play Offense. After Player 2's yarn has expired, the winner is the player with the higher score.

Player 1 -

Cursor keys (up/down/left/right) - Move Up/Down/Left/Right

Z/X/C/V - (Defense) Swat / (Offense) Grab/ Toss yarn

Player 2 -

E/D/S/F - Move Up/Down/Left/Right

Q/W - (Defense) Swat / (Offense) Grab/ Toss yarn


'Pong' game made for the #Femijam 4 "Cute Pong" game jam -- this is a late entry; I'm uploading on 3/20, and subs were due on 3/19 at ~1 am. Don't forget to check out the other femijam entires! :)

Right now it supports 2 players and a single screen map.. If anyone can help playtest, I'd like to add support for up to 8 players, split across up to 8 teams. And larger maps. Anyway, if you want to help test, please shout at me on twitter ( @enargy) or leave a comment here.

Based on a game described in the Upside Down Magic series by Emily Jenkins, Lauren Myracle, and Sarah Mlynowski. There, it's played by polymorphed magic students (Fluxers) and there's some verticality at play with the goals. Here, the rules and gameplay are modified to be more like Pong (the theme of the jam).

About the series, my daughter (6) and I have read the first two so far, and the books are really neat.

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How do you put a second player in the game

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