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Hey! I am looking for somebody to help me on my first game, NEST. The game is practically finished, except that there is no music nor sound. I have tried many times, watching many tutorials online, but I realised that I am not musically inclined enough for the job. So, if anyone would like to give a helping hand on 3-5 sfx, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you all in advance!

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I’d like to help. What kind of sounds / music exactly? Do you have a version of the game I can check out?

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Trying to learn my way around SFX composition myself, as well. But I guess my project is a little complex.

I'm trying to use PicoStep as basis for making a proc-gen DDR game; a control cart with 15 "music carts" to refer to. I'm trying to make seed-based song/chart algorithms; but I'm tripping over myself with the SFX editor, too. I guess I'll get to the jist of the matter, the songs:

-butterfly (/other Smile.dk stuff or nc ft. NRG Factory stuff)
-BRILLIANT 2U (/D2R/1998)
-MAX 300
-on the bounce/POSSESSION
-888/EGOISM 440 (I realize, this is more 900/450)
-Over the Period

Of course, capturing the core composition of those main tracks is the priority... the algorithm is meant to peek/poke some factors like the speed and octaves, maybe swap some melody layers for similar ones if there's room left in the SFX editor (hence the butterfly cart having the 'other Smile.dk' stuff buried in its potential - maybe the chorus/verse to Golden Sky or Koko Soko, for instance)...

It takes the existing stuff in the default cart, writes a Verse to 0-15, a Chorus to 16-31, an Interlude to 32-47, and an "Outro/Intro" at 48-63. The Outro begins immediately at 48; and the Intro is backlooped from 63. This is so it can be truncated to various lengths by reusing verse/chorus structures appropriately, depending on the playback speed.

Granted, the songs don't have to be 1:1 perfect, I'm mostly just going for things with those kinds of inspirations behind them, but it would be a more familiar place to build from. And since the game is music-oriented and without interruptive SFX, all four layers and SFX arrays can be used.

Mostly, I'm just not sure how to get the right melody/backing instruments for these... even just knowing that much would help me a TON. I have a chart that relates approximate tempos to the PICO-8 speed measurements already, too.

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dominik, i posted in the main NEST thread. check it out!

Tony, sounds like an interesting project. My project CHARLIE involves poking the memory to generate sounds so it's kind of similar. I'm not sure I totally understand but recreating a melody would require transcribing the notes first (pico cant really help with that unless you build transcription software??). Recreating instruments is kind of something you just muddle through until you get something close enough.

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