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I've been working on a PICO-8 zine over the past few months as part of a gamedev workshop series I'm doing with PIGSquad. (You may remember my call for art to include in the zine.)

I'm happy to announce that it's now released! We did a run of printed copies for attendees of the workshop, but I've released the PDF version on itch.io for anyone who wants to use it. You can get it from here:


I'll be doing a second printing via Kickstarter soon. Not as a money-making thing, but rather just a chance for anyone who couldn't make it to the workshop to get a printed copy (or copies).

Anything in the zine with code has an accompanying cart included in the sample code download for the zine. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be walking through the examples and tutorials from the zine on the livestream I do on PIGSquad's Twitch channel every Tuesday at 6pm PST. These livestreams are saved in PIGSquad's video on demand archive, so people can watch later if they'd like.

I couldn't have made this without the help and support of the PICO-8 community, so thank you! A lot of love went into this zine and I hope you enjoy it. :)

P#46211 2017-11-12 23:42 ( Edited 2018-03-06 21:38)

:: alexr

Downloaded for free, devoured, and subsequently paid for (only 2$; sorry if it's less than asking but I didn't feel it was worth more than that when compared to the time and sweat that @zep put into his engine and price thereof; OTOH I felt it was worth way more than that in terms of quality of content and presentation; So I am torn, but also definitely looking forward to more (may I ask for camera shake and glitch effects tuts?). Great job.

P#46299 2017-11-14 21:37 ( Edited 2017-11-15 02:37)
:: rosagi

Currently in the process of devouring, and also made a small contribution for your efforts. I very much appreciate the modular layout, as many examples from the original pico 8 fanzine (As awesome as it was) flew well over my head. I recently discovered your zine after introducing a friend to pico 8 and looking over the refreshed beginner resources.

P#49403 2018-02-19 02:19 ( Edited 2018-02-19 07:19)

Thank you very much for the kind words and contribution! :) I'm always happy to hear about people finding it useful. If you ever have any questions feel free to give me a buzz. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. I have open DMs on Twitter ( @MBoffin) and I'm happy to answer questions here as well.

Cheers! :)

P#49461 2018-02-20 17:28 ( Edited 2018-02-20 22:28)

What a great resource! I started digging into it today and I'm hooked. Great work! Just can't wait for the next zine ;)

P#49661 2018-02-25 09:55 ( Edited 2018-02-25 14:55)
:: Peka

That's a nice document to learn basics of game/code development.
But i have a question:
Do you mean if i translate this pdf and share with others?
I been searching for pico-8 resources for a while, since all i've found is on english, it's kinda hard to share/teach others this great virtual console that pico-8 is, since i speak spanish i think a translated version of this would be awesome, so i can initiate some friends of mine on game development.

P#50030 2018-03-06 16:13 ( Edited 2018-03-06 21:13)

Hello @Peka! Can you e-mail me? I'd love to talk more about this and would love to make it sort of "official" and I hope I can help you with that. My Gmail username is the same as my BBS username.

P#50031 2018-03-06 16:38 ( Edited 2018-03-06 21:38)

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