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I'd like a way to move sprites in the map editor in a way that doesn't effect what is already drawn on the map.

It might be hard to understand what I mean and why you'd want it without an example.

I like to refer to sprites in code by their ID, and organize them by function to essentially act as free flags. For example I can put all passable map tiles in slots 0-15 (things like grass, roads, dirt) and all impassable map tiles in slots 16-31 (things like boulders, cliffs, water, walls), and use code to check the tiles directly in map data. If it's <16, the player can walk on it, if it's >15 then prevent movement.

I mean it's nice to just keep your sprites in a logical order anyway, right?

But if I need to add tiles later or shuffle things around within sprites, it changes the map. Move water where grass used to be and suddenly all the grass on the map is water.

What I would like is something like...when in the editor, ctrl+drag a sprite to another location, the two sprites swap, AND the map data is iterated over to swap the values there too. all 10s become 15 and all 15s become 10, that sort of thing. This would maintain what you have drawn in the map without having to redraw the whole thing.

And it's not just useful for referring to sprites by ID, it's nice if you need to move sprites around at any time, while maintaining the map.

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That sounds like a great idea.


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