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I found a 2015 thread suggesting this already but didn't want to necro it. But I am curious to know if any more thought has been given to this yet.

I got my oculus last week and I have been playing everything I can get my hands on, and one of the most surprising things I discovered is that VR works surprisingly well for non FPS games as well. 3D platformers feel like they were made for it, actually! The lack of depth perception was always an issue to me.

Anyway, I would really love to play Voxatron in VR. Maybe inside an environment that simulates playing voxatron on a holographic display.

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:: Diego

On a related note, I imagine one day Voxatron will have a version detached from its renderer, so people can take the voxel output into whatever they want, like led grids, future voxel displays or, I don't know, a custom 3d environment that runs in VR? :D

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This would actually be awesome!
And, I imagine, probably not too hard to implement since Voxatron was already been developed with holographic displays in mind :D

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