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is posting a link to a fence website. They make fences lol. what that has got to do with voxels i will never know. UNLIKELY TO BE THE RIGHT TARGET AUDIENCE. Im playing voxatron mmmm might buy a fence now... dont think so.....


wire mesh
Welded Wire Mesh
welded mesh

P#3777 Posted at 2011-11-09 22:15

P#3806 2011-11-10 04:49 ( Edited 2011-11-11 08:12)

I noticed this already, but didn't post because I'm not sure anything can be done. zep may be able to do something about it.

P#3846 2011-11-10 12:26 ( Edited 2011-11-10 17:26)

deleted, thanks.

It's quite impressive that an automated spambot can sign up to a custom-made bbs and post. But not impressive enough to buy some fences.

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P#3902 2011-11-10 21:45 ( Edited 2011-11-11 02:45)

Surprisingly, a lot of spam on the internet in comments and forums isn't done by bots, but people who work in a place that manually signs up and posts spam.

P#3932 2011-11-11 02:28 ( Edited 2011-11-11 07:28)

He doesn't spam in this thread, though.

P#3935 2011-11-11 03:12 ( Edited 2011-11-11 08:12)

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