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Cart #42267 | 2017-07-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Cir-ne is a game where you must be in the good side to avoide circles.
Collect white circle to raise your score !

Control :
Move with left and right arrows.
Change side with "C".

New ! Now the game save your high score (report me if there is some bug).
Better graphics.

P#34316 2016-12-27 17:29 ( Edited 2017-07-08 13:57)

Nice, clean and thoughtful game design. Do you have scoring system in mind? A simple timer might work.

P#34320 2016-12-27 18:20 ( Edited 2016-12-27 23:20)

EatMoreCheese new version soon :D

P#34321 2016-12-27 18:24 ( Edited 2016-12-27 23:24)

Pretty cool concept! I feel it gets a little too hectic at times with a small play area though, at least with how major the size fluctuation is
Really fun though!

EDIT: It would also be nice if the there was just a single button that flips sides, instead of up/down

P#34338 2016-12-27 22:23 ( Edited 2016-12-28 03:24)

jclermont Thanks ! and yes i will add flip side on one button and correct some bug in the next update :)

P#34359 2016-12-28 10:16 ( Edited 2016-12-28 15:17)

Nice, I really like the concept. There are literally impossible scenarios that happen though, so you might want to think about an algorithm that can prevent that from happening. The biggest thing is balls spawning basically right on top of the line. Maybe make it so they can't spawn less than x pixels away. Another is when balls inside and outside the circle are perpendicular with the coordinates of the line, making it so that no possible move could keep you from losing.

Very good overall though and I can't wait to watch the progress of this!

P#34383 2016-12-28 16:08 ( Edited 2016-12-28 21:11)

Hey as discussed on Twitter I put together a little tune for you, if you want it. Let me know what you think! There's a loop at sequence 10 for the title screen and the rest is for the main game.

Cart #34399 | 2016-12-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

By the way, what is the white circle for? I find it distracting :|

P#34400 2016-12-28 21:06 ( Edited 2016-12-29 06:28)

Scathe, these impossible scenarios have happened in the version with the white ball?

EatMoreChesse, the music is great I integrate as I can !! : D
The white ball is used to move the player because before he can win without moving and just by changing sides.
(Sorry for my bad english i'm french :/)

P#34416 2016-12-29 03:29 ( Edited 2016-12-29 08:59)

Oh yeah, the single button to switch sides is much better! Tres bien!

P#34469 2016-12-29 18:05 ( Edited 2016-12-29 23:05)

This game is cool~ :) I like the concept and upbeat music, though I'm concerned with the enemies' spawns. ..Perhaps they could flash a separate color and be invincible for half a second when they spawn?

P#34516 2016-12-30 12:54 ( Edited 2016-12-30 17:54)

Notester82, yes that a good idea, I will put this in the next update :D

P#34528 2016-12-30 13:51 ( Edited 2016-12-30 18:51)

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