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I am complete NOOB when it comes to Linux on my Raspberry PI!

Could someone point me in the right direction on how to execute PICO-8 under Rapsbian Jessie (PIXEL)?

I have the zip file unpacked in /pi/home/pico-8/ but what do to start it up?

Many thanks!


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Just double-click the "pico8" file with no file extension and it should start up.

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In your directory : /pi/home/pico-8/ you will definitely find the executable.

list directory with cmd : ls
run pico8 with cmd : ./pico8

note : dote + slash is important !

P#33448 2016-12-13 11:40 ( Edited 2016-12-13 16:40)

Thanks for that, so I am not as much as NOOB as I thought! haha

When double clicking it asks what application to run PICO8 with. If I run it from the terminal I get "command can't be found" - or something to that effect.

There must be something wrong with the files I transferred over. I had to transfer them as I didn't have internet access at the time on the PI.

I will try again.

Thanks again.


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you might have to make it executable as the flag is volatile on linux
something like chmod a+x pico8

linux googler here ;)

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make sure you are using the RPi version and not the linux build.

open a terminal and cd /home/pi/pico-8/
once there sudo chmod +x pico8
from the physical folder double click the pico8 file.
there should be a prompt asking to run in termal, click that one.
it should start pico8 in full screen.
BTW. The .lexaloffle folder is hidden within the pi/home/ directory, this is where all your carts will be stored.

here is a trick if pico8 ever freezes and you cant get back to the desktop.
press Ctrl+Alt+T You wont be able to see it but it brings up a terminal.
then type sudo shutdown -h now OR sudo reboot
this will safely shutdown/reboot the Rpi (since pulling the plug while raspian is running is bad)
I recommend using CTRL+Q to quit out of PICO8 while using it on the RPi.

Here is how to set up a link in the menu (start) button.

click the raspberry (start) icon and go to Preferences>Main Menu Editor.

inside Main Menu Editor: click Games in the farthest left pane.

once Games is highlighted click New Item.

inside Launch Properties: give it a name PICO-8 and a short description in the Comment: Fantasy Console

in the Command: section browse to the directory that has the pico8 file.
it should be something like /home/pi/pico-8/pico8.

The empty square on the far left can be clicked for submitting an icon. so click it and navigate to /home/pi/pico-8/ and click the lexaloffle-pico8.png image.

Make sure the button next to Launch in Terminal? is checked (should be under the comment section).

Double check to make sure everything is correct.
Press OK and you should now have a menu shortcut icon for pico8 within the Main Menu Editor.
if so; press OK again to close the editor.

I hope this helped.

Launch Properties example

Icon: /home/pi/pico-8/lexaloffle-pico8.png
Name: PICO-8
Comment: Fantasy Console
[x] Launch in Terminal?

P#33461 2016-12-13 16:55 ( Edited 2016-12-13 22:55)

geistvonpa you are an absolute legend! Thanks so much for this!

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