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I honestly didn't know there was a blog element to this. Nice :D

The main thing I'm working on is called "Bob's Adventure" which is probably just a working title, even though its meant to be kinda dumb.

so far, I've had my Pocket CHIP for a little over a week and I'm reeeeeally enjoying the ability to just walk along coding, and by making really simple little sprites, I don't need to worry about a long drawn-out design process and talking to 3D modellers to make any progress. I can just blast out some rubbish sprites and get on with the fun coding bit! Love it!

Hopefully people will check out my game as it gets updates. So far, there's not a whole lot to do on it other than wander around and kill zombies, but my goal for the game is two add two more enemy types, expand the level and then have the game culminate in a boss battle. I also want to add more music and animation along the way (memory permitting!)

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What I have seen that is most appreciated by game players is SOLID input interface. That is, there isn't a point where a jump is difficult in a game because the writing of the input controls is bad or spotty.

Graphics are important, artwork is appreciated, music is a nice touch, but mechanics and design of the game are total key.

  1. Game is interesting from initial appearance outside playing.
  2. Game has a good or engaging storyline or plot.
  3. Game intrigues players as they try the controls from the start. They may try anything - be ready.
  4. Game is challenging but not impossible. Player should be able to conquer first level easily.
  5. Game has more levels or longer gameplay than most basic players will ever see.
  6. Game has wonderful and amusing surprises for the dedicated and earnest player.
  7. Game can be continued with more than one life. Not just one life, you lose sucker.
  8. Replay ability. People want to play this game again and again and again because it is so good.

These are just a few important elements when designing and presenting a video game to the community.

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