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Cart [#18442#] | Copy | Code | 2016-01-24 | Link

First attempt at a Pico8 game. Had a lot of fun making it.


P#18443 2016-01-24 14:27


Nice game!

The title screen music is from Jelpi, am I right?
The in-game beat is pretty good.

I like the Yeti, though I can't remember what game it was from.

You could work on this even more, adding in Multiplayer and Saving (Saving isn't too hard, trust me).

A note for saving though: I don't believe it works for the Web player yet, but it does work for the client.

P#18448 2016-01-24 18:39


Glad you liked it! Yup, title screen music is more or less taken from Jelpi, well spotted ;)

As for the yeti game; SkiFree was definitely one of my inspirations here.

P#18467 2016-01-25 13:36


Great game!

It reminds me of Ski Free - brings back a lot of memories!

P#18479 2016-01-26 16:43


Great one!

P#18488 2016-01-27 04:55


3314 :)

P#18499 2016-01-27 15:23


Everything about this is incredibly well made.

P#18524 2016-01-30 05:52

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