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The music editor in Pico-8 only works in groups of 32 counts. This makes using triplets, or writing in triple time (3/4) very inefficient. If you loop a 3-count pattern, the music editor will loop it up to 32-counts, then restart. The only workaround is to not use loops when composing in multiples of three, but this takes up way to much space. For a future update, maybe the ability to edit the number of counts in the music editor? If I could have changed the counts from 32 to say, 24 or 36, it would have saved lots of work and memory. Does that make sense?

Another quick observation, though I don't think it has an easy fix: Gradual, linear tempo changes are also memory hogs. The title music from ALttP required 2/3 of the music allotment, even though it's only 20 seconds long (https://soundcloud.com/gruber99/sets/the-legend-of-zelda-alttp-pico)

Hope this is helpful!

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I can see the 24 being valid, and especially pertinent where space shooter OSTs are concerned. Konami ones in particular are very genre-defining, and most of their soundtracks are in 12th-beat timing. Plus, you can do blues music with that setup as well.

You wouldn't even have the change the editor, just add a "end here" note that skips to the next phrase, really.

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:: Pizza

Can I drop some suggestions or do you wanna keep the thread for this single one only?

There is a workaround to your problem, if I understand it correctly.

Have a track of the same speed that has a loop start and end of 00 (default) run along with it.
The song will then progress to the next pattern like it should upon completion.

If you wanna loop a track of the pattern twice, it'll just have to run at double the speed of the workaround track, as well as have the usual loop end point etc.

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