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Cart #15158 | 2015-10-09 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

A little game that is based on Zep's demo Jelpi. Using Jelpi's platforming code I reworked it to make a 2 player chasing game. Player 1 (the robber) has to collect all the diamonds before player 2 (the cop) catches them.

I have played around with the level layout to try to make it a bit easier for player 1, but I think it is still a bit easier for player 2.

Please let me know what you think! and I hope you enjoy it

(the gif was made with just me playing with two hands so it plays a bit weird)

Gave robber the ability to head butt the cop of they are standing still to prevent the cop camping on the last diamond
Changed end game text to say 'Press Z to restart' instead of 'Press button to restart'

Added new player graphics
Added more sparkles
Changed end round sequence slightly
Modified sound effects
Removed music

Added some new graphics (background and items).
Added player scores.
Fixed issue with player landing inside a platform (hopefully).
Fixed issue with music not starting again on new game.

Fixed bug with walking through screen edges on middle platform.

P#12796 2015-08-19 04:06 ( Edited 2015-10-09 00:48)

There's a bug where the music stops playing after the first game.

P#12806 2015-08-19 14:19 ( Edited 2015-08-19 18:19)

Ah thanks for spotting that.

P#12822 2015-08-20 14:28 ( Edited 2015-08-20 18:28)

new background is looking great!

P#12838 2015-08-20 21:53 ( Edited 2015-08-21 01:53)

Thanks :D

P#12843 2015-08-21 02:11 ( Edited 2015-08-21 06:11)

Aw this looks so fun. Too bad I can't play it by myself.

P#15160 2015-10-08 20:48 ( Edited 2015-10-09 00:48)

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