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Cart #workstation-0 | 2024-05-20 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

I made a 3D model of this Picotron PC recently, and thought I'd make some wallpaper out of it.

It's not animated or anything but you can get it by dragging and dropping workstation.p64.png into /appdata/system/wallpapers and selecting it from System Settings.

Here's a higher resolution version of it for your actual desktop.

I haven't done much with Picotron yet but it's been fun so far.

P#148733 2024-05-20 19:49 ( Edited 2024-05-20 21:04)


You worked it out! Nice work dude. Looking forward to trying this on mine!

P#148743 2024-05-20 22:54

Oh wow - totally not how I visualize a physical Picotron, but that model looks very good!

P#148793 2024-05-21 22:46

Nostalgic and yes, exciting!

P#148816 2024-05-22 15:49

did you just import the 3d model in picotron, or make it in picotron or how?
Looks cool

P#148892 2024-05-24 05:50

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