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Cart #ghostwave-0 | 2024-05-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

How To Play

  • Z - Shoot
  • X - Rockets
  • Arrow keys - Move

Some enemies have a blue outline - when they die, collect their ghost for a large score bonus. Each ghost is worth 50 points times the number of ghosts collected so far - so the key to a high score is to not miss any of the ghosts.

After you've used your rockets 3 times, they take 10 seconds to reload. Save your rockets for difficult situations or blue enemies.

Inertia is on by default, which makes the player's helicopter move smoothly. If you prefer more responsive controls without acceleration and deceleration you can turn inertia off.

With inertia on changing direction takes a small amount of time, the player's movement flows more like a real helicopter. Inertia off feels like a traditional arcade shmup, where you can change direction or stop instantly. Inertia off is also slightly easier. Choose whichever mode you enjoy more.


Made by Conor O'Kane

Thanks to: Lazy Devs and everyone on the Lazy Devs Discord, in particular:

This game is free. You can download an executable from the itch page.

P#148521 2024-05-17 06:46 ( Edited 2024-05-17 06:47)

Very well done! I really like the colors. There can't be enough shmups for PICO-8. I'm looking forward to playing this on my Steam Deck tonight.

P#148523 2024-05-17 08:17 ( Edited 2024-05-17 08:18)

music is fammiliar some reason

P#148532 2024-05-17 11:41

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