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Cart #tweet_5-1 | 2024-03-05 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

this is only this, check it out on itch...


So basically I joined the NOKIA 3310 JAM 6 a few days ago (no pong).
Some of the restrictions you had where the two classic greenish Nokia colors, but the problem was that Pico 8 doesn't have those colors. Lucky for us Pancelor had left us very helpful and detailed instructions, where he covered a buch of thing like changing the thumnail/colors/resolution etc.. Thanks man :)
You should check it out yourself as well nokia html template by pancelor

  • So Export your game like this "export Your_game.html"

  • then two files should be exported a name.js and a name.html file

  • then type in folder, this will open the folder where all your pico 8 stuff is being saved

  • then I recommend you to drag the two files to your desktop for a better view

  • Note that if you want to upload your game on itch, you have to rename the .html file to index.html

  • After doing that You open the Your_game.js file in any texteditor. Now you will see a loooot of numbers, kinda like

  • You have to find this string using strg + f

    There are 2 string You have to replace both!!:

29,43,83,126,37,83,0,135,81,171,82,54,95,87,79,194,195,199,255,241,232 ,255,0,77,255,163,0,255,236,39,0,228,54,41,173,255,131,118,156,255,119,168,255,204,170

  • They contains rgb values for all the colors from 1 to 15 not 0

  • Now replace both with any string with 15 rgb colors:
    (classic Nokia Colors)

  • You can use any tool to get those colors, I found a those two: make a palette and a useful color converter: hex to rgb etc...

  • Extra:

    If you want to upload your game up on itch:

  • Rename your Yourgame.html file to index.html

  • Zip index.html and Yourgame.js

  • upload on itch :O

    Thanks for reading, If you ever use this trick let me know, have a good day:)

P#141731 2024-03-06 07:15 ( Edited 2024-03-06 07:19)

Cool B)

P#142720 2024-03-10 11:37

Whoa! Nicely done! I wonder if one can similarly replace the rgb values for the secondary palette as well? Or look for those same color values in, say, a p8.png file to alter the default colors there as well?

P#142775 2024-03-12 01:28

This is a great platform game.
Hello Neighbor

P#142783 2024-03-12 07:19

im pretty sure you can do the same with the secret colors...
You would have to search for the secret rgbs :)

P#142786 2024-03-12 08:41

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