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Bubble Boy

Cart #dd_bubbleboy-1 | 2023-11-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Frollick in a field and scare some bugs!

My first Pico 8 game, Yay! I've had a wonderful time making it.

This is a de-make/re-make or homage to an old flash game i played 15+ years ago lost to time and probably old geocities servers. I can't remember more than the gameplay, which i recreated in this game. I made this as much for my own sake as for everyone else that want to run around in a field with some bugs.

Shoutout to Krystman @ Lazy Devs Academy for always having a chill video to watch and get some inspiration and helpful Pico 8 tips!

Early game

"Late" game

P#136806 2023-11-02 18:56

I had an absolute blast with this game. Instant favorite. Stole that top spot with 9386, but I'll make it even higher. Great work for a first game. I look forward to more development from you!!

P#136812 2023-11-02 20:39

Charming, cute, fun, simple, polished, amazing!
I like how you need to keep space so you don't lose health but the more crowded it is the more points you get.
Played a couple rounds and had a blast!
(I also really like the music)

P#136889 2023-11-04 03:37

This is a great "in the zone" game. After a while, it feels like playing a kinder version of Amorphous+. You start to look for the empty spaces, alternating between cleanup hops and score jumps. Having the game screen warp around is also great, you can anticipate attacks from pinks. Speaking of pinks, they are much more annoying than they are worth, point wise, so small hopping them and doing big combos on red+yellow is both faster and safer than purposefully doing combos that include pinks.

How about adding a bee after say every 5000 points or every 3 minutes that could attack you on the floor but that would have a big point base value, so you'd want to try to stomp it in the biggest possible combo ?

I'm not there yet but 32768 seems doable, is your code ready for it ?

P#136942 2023-11-05 05:57

Hi and thanks for all the feedback.

I agree, the pink one is not worth the risk. Just clear them and focus on the others for the score jumps.

I did think about adding some sort of “mother ship” kind of enemy and a bee is a good suggestion, thanks.

And thankfully during testing I found out the hard way the number limitation. I knew about it before I just didn’t think it would be relevant. So that is fixed, did the old split it into two numbers trick.

P#136949 2023-11-05 08:22

Thanks for this cute little gem! My only real feedback atm is that I'd love to have the music during the gameplay too, not just in the menu!

P#136957 2023-11-05 12:16

this is ingenious, thanks for sharing!

P#137246 2023-11-10 20:54

This game is so fun!

P#139861 2024-01-09 03:25

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