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Dear Zep, how are you? Hope all is well.
I install latest voxatron on a new Mac "MacBook Air, Chip Apple M2, Memory 16 GB, macOS Ventura 13.5.2"
It looks strange, Please see video below. Please let me know if there something I can do to fix it.
Thank you.


P#134241 2023-09-12 22:42


Hi @digitalmonkey

Thanks for the video. What a weird bug! It looks like a low level numeric issue in the polygon renderer. Unfortunately there is unlikely to be a work-around until I can patch it in 0.3.7. If you don't mind I'll send you a preview of that build when it's ready so I can try to narrow down the problem. 0.3.7 will support M1/M2 natively too, which might itself resolve the problem.

P#134295 2023-09-13 23:16

Thank you for responding :)
Yes please send me 0.3.7 version when ever it's ready to be tested :)

P#134299 2023-09-13 23:54

Does this mean that the current edition is not working on M1 Macs @zep?

P#134355 2023-09-14 18:28 ( Edited 2023-09-14 22:48)

Dear Zep, Just wanted to let you know that after my Mac updated it fixed the display issue 😄. Hope you are doing well.

P#137731 2023-11-21 18:27

oh, that's good news! I suspect it was a bug in the compatibility layer that runs pre-M1 binaries.

@grandell1234 It should work fine on M1 Macs, but in any case I'll be moving to multi-arch builds in 0.3.7 if I can do it without leaving users of old (and thus un-updatable) macs behind.

P#137734 2023-11-21 19:44

@zep I'll be happy to record some Voxatron 0.3.7 tutorials to coincide with its release. I do have a huge favor to ask, though. I find it very helpful when Voxatron comes with prefabs like 3.5b did. The more prefabs, the better. It helps to get students up and running much quicker and makes learning fun and easy by tinkering, modifying, and even fixing prefabs (I am looking at you, bomber pig). Thank you for your time.

P#137736 2023-11-21 20:09

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