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Hello, I know this isn't necessary, but it has just been getting on my nerves, especially after using VSCode. It is kind of annoying to need to slowly scroll with the arrow keys and is especially annoying when you want to scroll all the way left. If there is already a solution that i just havent seen, please let me know. Even wrapping is fine, just i need some way to easily see the rest of the line without using the arrow keys. Its even worse for me because im so used to using the side button on my mouse for horizontal scrolling and in my game there is one really long line that has to do with collitions and i am constantly messing with. I just feel like this would be a major quality-of-life feature.

P#129276 2023-05-02 02:43

recently it was added that cntrl or command changes the mouse to horizontal. I also frequently go to the next line and use the arrow keys to go back wrapping to the end of the previous line.

P#129281 2023-05-02 03:16

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