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Cart #captainbolorto-1 | 2021-08-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


I would like to present you with my first game: Captain Bolorto!
It's a shmup bullet hell inspired by legendary Cave's DoDonPachi.
It's a frantic game with flashing colors and screen shake, if you suffer from seizures please don't play it.

How to play?

-Tap (O) repeatedly to fire your blaster.
-Hold (O) to fire your laser and move slow.
-Press (X) to use your shield once it's charged.

Every time you get hit you lose one hit point and one of your auxiliary guns. If you are hit three times your ship explodes and you lose your score. You can keep playing though, as if you had infinite credits on an arcade.

What it has:

-Two weapons. You can mash (O) repeatedly to fire a barrage of bullets, or you can hold (O) to fire a powerful laser that deals extra damage to closer targets but makes you move slower.
-A shield. You can charge it by killing enemies, and when the bar is filled you can release it for protection.
-Different enemies with distinct bullet patterns.
-A scoring system that rewards you for being offensive.
-One boss
-Local co-op. Because games are always better if you share them with a friend!

What it doesn't have yet:

-An ending
-More than one level
-Scaling of difficulty for local co-op

What it will prolly never have:

-Different backgrounds
-More ships
-More weapons

What I learned during this project:

-First of all, I learned about DoDonPachi. I didn't know about it, and was introduced to it by Krystian Majewski's (Lazy Devs) video about what genres to do in your first game.
-Then I learned about Lua, and I loved it. I had some experience with Java and Excel's VBA, and Lua is really nice to code.
-Finally I learned some technical things like how to rotate a vector, how to parse a string, scroll backgrounds, and I got to use some of my old high school math.

If you got this far, thank you for reading.
Please play my game and report back with whatever feedback you have (good or bad).

P#95502 2021-07-30 23:39 ( Edited 2022-11-21 03:51)

I love this game. It plays just like ddp, with cool and epic looking bullet patterns. The weapon feels good and the enemies are juicy. A thing that you should do though is Medals. ( like in ddp! ). Just great.! Gold star!

P#128258 2023-04-07 15:42

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