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Cart #celelste-3 | 2023-03-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


also, there's a little secret mechanic. you will know when you find it. it will only be used in levels where it's painfully obvious. there are no levels where it is used, but you can beat the level otherwise.

read the old site text

old version here:

Cart #oldleste-0 | 2023-04-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#125616 2023-02-09 21:24 ( Edited 2023-04-11 19:09)


wow u added a changelog? actually cringing so hard rn

P#125685 2023-02-10 19:41

shut up alex

P#126250 2023-02-24 21:27

@praiseafrog only thing im drowning in is ur mom

also what in the hell kind of weed were u smoking when u made this

P#127913 2023-03-31 12:38 ( Edited 2023-03-31 12:48)

Finally did it. This is the first mod that took over 100 deaths to finish

P#128078 2023-04-03 18:28

@Suru48 thanks for actually beating this and not ragequitting on 400M like some people ahem @StrongSand94191

P#128130 2023-04-04 16:54

@praiseafrog lol. I was really thinking about quitting but i got too far to want to quit.

P#128151 2023-04-05 00:23

@praiseafrog i literally beat it yesterday, you need to sit in a meat locker for the next three hours

P#128153 2023-04-05 02:00

can you post the old lel seperately i liked it better

edit: my man really did it hes too good

P#128173 2023-04-05 13:58 ( Edited 2023-04-12 18:15)

did it

P#128606 2023-04-16 01:40

When It Was A Nice Day To Have Fun At Celelste, This Celeste Mod Looked A Little Bit Bad, Due To Duos And Multiplayers, It Had A Very Since Lag

After All This, I Have Beaten The Mod At The Stopwatch Timer 16:50 With Deaths 148 For Cronges Which I Do Not Like

In Memory Of Adobe Flash
Rest In Peace
1996 - 2020

P#128907 2023-04-23 02:37

@praiseafrog he literally said it was bad what are you on

P#129381 2023-05-04 15:28

This was definitely a mod I played for the hit game Celeste on the Pico-8

P#129413 2023-05-05 15:11

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