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Arrow keys - Move space ship
(X) - Fire at everything

You won't believe it, but Space Battle is a shoot 'em up. Besides different enemies (and bosses), it offers various extras (explained in the opening credits), more firepower, a high score list and a cheesy background story.

Credits & Behind the Scenes

Triggered by @Krystman's SHMUP tutorial on his Lazy Dev YouTube channel, I thought it would be a good idea to program a game together with my ten-year-old son and teach him a little programming logic along the way. He was immediately hooked, but was more interested in the sprite editor and kept coming up with enemies, bullets and new ideas for a few extras. In any case, we both had a lot of fun.

But since I am absolutely unmusical, we did without background music. Maybe I'll find some time to practise before the next game. Just think of some music in the style of Katakis on the C64. :-)

I hope you like it.


Thanks to @extar for reviewing the game. I implemented your suggestion to insert a small pause before the Game Over screen appears.

P#121985 2022-12-07 16:00 ( Edited 2022-12-10 10:18)

Well done, Tobias and Kilian. The randomness in the upgrade system sometimes gave me 4 speed before I saw any change in firepower, and on a different playthrough I got the reverse of that. But it also caused some variety in the early game, which is a good thing. The upgrade loss of death felt harsh but fair.

I played for quite a while trying to work out if this was the maximum firepower upgrade. Looking at the source code, I believe it is.

The enemies feel creative and and create some interesting patterns in their different combinations. The first time I encountered a brown enemy I had been resting against the bottom edge and it spawned right behind me. That confused me at first, but once I saw some others I understood that I just needed to leave some space back there.

On my best run, where I encountered the boss twice, I got 3,559.

P#122271 2022-12-12 05:33

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