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Hello, @zep.

You have seen that loading pause that appears in the top-left-hand corner of the screen every time you use CSTORE(), RELOAD(), or EXPORT (PNG) in your code. This is voluntary. I'm certain you chose it for a good reason. Sometimes I can't see the reasons you do. Yet it's not from not trying to.

I feel, however, the delay is artificial and unnecessary. You can prove this by IMPORTING a PNG image and it loads immediately with no delay at all, inside your code or out.

So how about this ? You have the pause when you use it the first time running if you must. Then you can continue to have the pause each time for every time you change the filename. However, if it were used in such a way that only =1= filename were used, for instance, to make it a random access file to save your current work, then it would be most helpful to me, perhaps to others, to remove that pause.

So your work may be saved automatically every minute or so minus the icon and timeout animation.

{beginning of code ...}
cstore(0,0,8192,"stream") -- expect delay + animation

{start of loop}
every 1-minute, cstore(0,0,8192,"stream") -- no delay or animation because the filename is the same
{end of loop}

So the 2nd, 3rd, and more cstore() would not bring up the pause delay. Once the filename is established, there is no further need for the animation and delay.

As it is now you get the pause even if you load or save a single byte. One byte ! 2-second delay every time. You see my annoyance with it.

OKAY, as always, all of these suggestion we make as a community - is up to you, ZEP.

Please remove this artificial delay. I am trying to work on a cart that requires these commands to not pause every time they are called, especially if it is the self-same filename.

The only thing I can add is that it would help me if it were passed, and I could write more amazing code.

I'm here because you hear. A great listener. And I mean that. Thank you for your time.

. . .

For those of you people who think I am being a difficult person. I apologize. Yet you should never ever think that my mood is based solely and 100% on this forum. I have many other difficulties running in my real life and family that all contribute to how I present myself.

Zep. I remember the words you used to encourage me recently. And you made me smile when you did that, knowing that I was important enough for you to support. We're all in this together.

Have a good Sunday and I will return.

Happy Holidays ...


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