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Cart #picochar-0 | 2022-11-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Connect 3 or more shapes with similar colors or numbers, and watch the points rack up!

(will update when 1.0.0 comes out)

P#121038 2022-11-20 03:12

This has a lovely sense of zen and gentleness to it. Fantastic work!

P#121040 2022-11-20 04:22

This is an interesting timed version similar to gameplay of Alchemy, @Aspext1090. However please show your score after the final explosion so the player may see how well they did.

In addition to keeping track of High Score possibly loaded and saved with cartdata().

P#121042 2022-11-20 05:09

This is great! (really addictive too)

P#121061 2022-11-20 11:51

It needs some instructions to, as a minimum, tell the player what the controls are.

P#121074 2022-11-20 18:20

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