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I've been working on a cartridge in Voxatron for a decent amount of time now and have become very adept and understanding of how player/monster creation, logic, and modifiers work... But! I've hit a dead end...

No matter how I try it, I can't get the logic for my player to work right. After many days of working at it, it seems that the only way to make it work is if you added a special determining factor to triggers...

That factor would simply be: Only activate (under trigger circumstances) after prior trigger is activated.

If that didn't make sense...(I had a hard time putting it in words concisely) What I want is when, say, modifier#1 is set to have modifier#2 happen next, modifier#2 will happen next, but only if modifier#2's trigger activates and will only activate if modifier#1 was triggered first.

I hope that makes sense! :( I'm trying to keep most of what I'm doing under the hood right now so if you have a contact I can message you through privately I can show you exactly what I'm doing/trying to do and more specifically what I need to make it work!

Hopeful that you'll see this and understand what I mean,

P.S. Thanks for the like on one of my Speed-Modeling videos! I hope to show you all some of the fruits of my labor soon! :)

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:: zep

Hi RumbleChops

I think what you want is to have mod#1 duration:0 (eternal), and then put mod#2 inside mod#1. This means that mod#2 will only become active when its trigger is true (which could be anything), AND mod#1 has already triggered.

So, for example -- lets say the player has collected a jumping potion (mod#1 -- trigger is the potion pickup was collected), and now every time they jump, an extra animation of jumpy sparkles and other stuff happens (mod#2 -- trigger is host jumped).

(this is just an example -- in that case it might be better to have an inventory item for the jumping potion)

Using the 'next' property ignores any trigger on the modifier -- it's just a way to string together things like multi-part attacks or several looping animations that should always happen in the same sequence.

I'm about to head off right now, but if you want I can check out the cart -> hey at lexaloffle dot com.

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Thanks! That might have solved it for me!!! I'm off to go try that right now! Again, thanks a bunch! I'll get back to you on whether it works or not! :)

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It doesn't seem to be working... I'll be sending you an email through the contact you gave. Thanks for the response though! That'll probably come in handy down the line... :)

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