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Cart #billheadarmada-0 | 2022-02-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A bullet hell game made in 24 hours for a jam.
There are 8 levels of increasing difficulty.
The game has no friction, so once you start moving you can only slow down by moving in the other direction!

When focusing with the x button, the game shows your character's hitbox as a green box

P#107761 2022-02-27 19:30 ( Edited 2022-02-27 19:31)

A little slippery as intended, but with the small player hitbox it was surprisingly playable despite the control quirk. Interesting experience :)

p.s. is the red square on the cart label a placeholder from earlier version?

P#107768 2022-02-27 20:21 ( Edited 2022-02-27 20:21)

@katiusza Thanks for the feedback :)
Yes It's a placeholder, whoops! it's my first time uploading to the bbs, I think I accidentally took that label image at some point and didn't realise until I saw the preview on this post. I'm lucky it wasn't just a screenshot of the code or something lol

P#107779 2022-02-27 22:00

the game is great.

i think it needs background.
may be stars or something that can tell us “we are flying”

P#107801 2022-02-28 04:40 ( Edited 2022-02-28 04:45)

I got to about level 5 thinking I was dodging pretty well, and then didn't manage to stay focussed through the waves that followed.

I really like the emergent properties of the player shots and the sound effects. Because the shots alternate left and right, hitting an enemy with one side only makes a "pop-pop-pop-pop" sound, while lining up to hit with both sides suddenly because "popopopopop". It makes it very satisfying to get properly lined up. It reminds me of the game Hero Core, which also has very finicky aiming but satisfying sound cues to train the play in getting it right.

P#107806 2022-02-28 09:59

@lily.kensa Thank you! :) I added a bg around an hour before the deadline (I think there is still some evidence of that in the cart data), but the bullets became really hard to make out. I definitely need to get more used to the limited palette, I'm never sure which colours will clash.

P#107824 2022-02-28 16:04

@Cowirrie Nice job! I think I made the difficulty spikes too abrupt ;/ . I'm glad you enjoyed the sound effects, I wanted to make it easier to focus on the character while using sound cues to make sure you are hitting the boss.
I've never heard of 'Hero Core'. It looks pretty fun, I'll have to give it a go!

P#107826 2022-02-28 16:13

I think you should've used more colors and cutoff the enemies leaving the screen sooner. Quite often I found myself having trouble telling where the bullets were. The final boss is especially bad in that respect, and I've decided not to even bother with it since I simple can't tell where the shots are going.

P#107955 2022-03-03 10:45

@kimiyoribaka hmm, the enemies are killed as soon as they are no longer visible, but i believe the bullets have a space of 10 units or so, maybe the bullets are spawning just as the enemy leaves? I'll definitely keep that in mind.

To be honest, visibility was a priority for me, but maybe the colour combination doesn't do it for some people. I should definitely have added a way to change the colours of the background/bullets for people who have trouble distinguishing red and blue. my bad!

Thanks for playing through my game, and thanks for the feedback!

P#107972 2022-03-03 14:57

@TrueCube4134 The color combination isn't the problem. It's that the particles from the enemies taking damage are the same color as their shots, and all the shots are the same color as each other. That makes it a lot harder to keep track of the flow of shots.

P#107973 2022-03-03 15:10

@kimiyoribaka Ah! yes the particle colours were a huge oversight on my part.
I never thought of having the separate bullet patterns different colours, that's a good idea, would definitely improve visibility. Thanks for the tip! :)

P#107975 2022-03-03 15:55

Reserving a color only for hostile projectiles (and having all hostile projectiles that color) could be an option. Might make it easier to color-code like: "if it's red it hurts"

But then the background will need to stand against that chosen hostile color and would need to remain simple. Any complex pattern will obfuscate pixel bullets.

P#107980 2022-03-03 17:06

@katiusza yeah I think I shot myself in the foot with the single pixel bullets, if I ever expand on this cart I would probably make the bullets bigger to allow for nice background effects.

P#108007 2022-03-04 02:00

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