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I recently bought a Pico-8 license and am trying it out. I started with a few simple generative art pieces.

This one looks fine for being published, so here it is.

It draws multiple, randomly colored concentric circles on a randomly colored background.

Controls are easy:

  • X for a new randomization
  • O for showing the circle count
  • Up for increasing circle count
  • Down for decreasing circle count

Cart #bdewuyari-0 | 2021-11-14 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#100121 2021-11-14 17:26

Very cool project. It would be incredibly interesting to use "time between pressing X" as a metric for how much the player enjoys the generated image... and then to generate new images based on the players preference.

I was just reading about this "Interactive Selection" in Nature of Code -- see section 9.12:

> "In addition to Evolved Virtual Creatures, Sims is also well known for his museum installation Galapagos. Originally installed in the Intercommunication Center in Tokyo in 1997, the installation consists of twelve monitors displaying computer-generated images. These images evolve over time, following the genetic algorithm steps of selection and reproduction. The innovation here is not the use of the genetic algorithm itself, but rather the strategy behind the fitness function. In front of each monitor is a sensor on the floor that can detect the presence of a user viewing the screen. The fitness of an image is tied to the length of time that viewers look at the image. This is known as interactive selection, a genetic algorithm with fitness values assigned by users."


P#100168 2021-11-15 17:28 ( Edited 2021-11-15 17:29)

So cool!!!! Generative art on pico 8 is not for the faint of heath hehe If I hold 'x' down, it create a groovy animated effect!

P#100864 2021-11-27 02:25

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