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ZEPTON is a 2d voxel shmup by REZ.


You have to survive as long as possible to an always increasing number of enemies.


how to play

on title/score screen, use Z/C or X/V to start a new game, and during the game:
→ arrows: move your spaceship (you can invert y-axis in the pause menu)
→ Z/C: launch missile (if the target "lock" is green, the missile will go automatically on it)
→ X/V: fire bullets (your bullets will hit something if the target is green)
→ P/return: pause menu


0.9.1 update:
→ you can be a real pilot and choose to invert y-axis (option in the pause menu)
→ code size and speed optimizations (i removed almost all COLOR() calls!)

there is some tokens free, i will try to add some feature later if possible.
feel free to report me any bugs!

voxel shmup laser hell

P#38171 2017-03-11 19:34


Hello there!

I totally forgot to share some screenshots from my first "big" project on PICO-8 :D

Here is one of the latest state of the game, I'm already approaching dangerously the token limit :3

And the title screen looks like that:

P#37717 2017-02-22 18:07

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