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The world's first volumetric fantasy console.

:: Alpha now Available ::

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Explore a world made completely from voxels (tiny colourful cubes, kind of). Everything in Voxatron is simulated in per-voxel detail, from chunks of wall falling away, to single voxel flakes of flow settling on the terrain.

Voxatron Story is secret-squirrel until v1.0, but there are already plenty of playable demo cartridges and user-made adventures to enjoy until then.

Voxatron includes a rich Robotron-style arcade cartridge. Make a stand against hordes of monsters, utilizing an assortment of randomly spawning weapons and pickups.

High scores in Voxatron are reached by not just surviving, but by making brash gambits and seizing opportunities from the chaos.

Use the Voxatron Designer to create whole new games from scratch that make use of Voxatron's flexible engine and novel display format. There are currently tools for building custom animations, emitters, actors, pickups and events triggered by objects in the world. There are always new improvements to the Designer in the works, and these will be released gradually with while the game is in Alpha.

Check out a list of user-made cartridges here!


System Requirements

To play Voxatron, you'll need Windows, Linux or a Mac with a 1GHz cpu and any video card.

"Voxatron is brilliant. Just a couple of months ago I found myself wondering if I would ever give a game five joysticks out of five. Here it is." -- Retro Gamer CD

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