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About Lexaloffle

Lexaloffle Games is the home of games made by Joseph White and collaborators. The goal of Lexaloffle is to create games that allow the player to not only have fun, but also gain something from the experience; to offer games that have a strong sense of identity and authorship; to explore new ways to present classic game concepts and to develop entirely original gameplay mechanics.

Lexaloffle is located inside Pico Pico Cafe, Kichijouji, Tokyo.

Contact / Support

Check here for a list of common problems.



Joseph White Code, pixels & music.
John White Map designer and pixeller for Jasper and an unannounced project.
Dr. Petter Made the sound effects for Jasper, and all-round hacker extraordinaire.
Anthony Flack Voxatron Alpha demo levels.
Vincenzo Composer of Dansce Funkcya, used as the title music of Swarm Racer.


Humble Bundle Humble Bundle launched the Humble Voxatron Debut, the first public release of Voxatron. Humble now process our orders.
PikPok PikPok developed the iPad port of Zen Puzzle Garden.
BitRabbit Bitrabbit is developer of fine middleware RabbitFactory and has made several ports of games with Lexaloffle for clients.
CandyCane Makers of smash hits Fuzzle and Fling, CandyCane is acting as publisher for the upcoming Super Neko Puzzle on iPhone.
BMT Micro BMT Micro processed all of our orders from 2003~2011. Thanks BMT!

What Is a Lexaloffle?

A lexaloffle is a geometic creature, which can fold up neatly into the union of two hexagons. It prefers to live in complex geometric spaces and eats polynomials for breakfast.

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