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Rusty's Rumble

Rusty is a cool dude, the place where he lives however is the opposite. He recently ran out of water and must now run around to find more. Help Rusty cool down and survive the everlasting attacks from bandits, cows, and flying dynamite?


You can change your controls in the pause menu.


-X + keys to move like a chess piece (the given piece is highlighted by a gray square).
-Z to hold a piece.


​-left click on a purple square to move to that square like a chess piece.
-right click to hold a piece.​​


click on...​​
-a purple square to move to that square like a chess piece.​
-Rusty (blue square) to hold a piece.​

There are 20 custom levels, with more randomized ones if you want to go for a high score!
If you're having trouble moving with the knight, the game checks for a sequence of inputs. Think of it as first moving 2 steps in a direction and then to the sides.

V1.1 changes:

​-Added mouse and touchscreen controls.
-Set some highscores when you start playing (Rusty got those himself).

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