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[this probably isn't a bug but I don't know where would be a better place to post it to]
I just downloaded pico-8 but I can't get it to work. Or, basically, I can get it to open, but it automatically opens as fullscreen [which I don't want] and then I can't exist fullscreen or quit the app. I had to turn off my computer to get out of the app. I can't use "alt+enter" to toggle fullscreen because my keyboard doesn't have "alt+enter", it has option (same as alt) but enter? what button should I press instead? will "option+return" work on mac? or can I change what the keyboard shortcut is somewhere without opening the app?
Also, "ctrl-Q" was not working for some reason, I couldn't quit the app that way, which is worrying because "ctrl-Q" should have worked since I have those buttons on the keyboard. "escape" did work to toggle between the viewscreens in pico-8 which is apparently what it's set to do, however, I will say it might be nice if it actually let you get out of the app... surely there's another key command that could be used to toggle, so that you can actually use esc to get out?????
There's definitely no way I'll want to open the app if I can't even get out of fullscreen or quit it...

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