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Cart #zupukoyane-8 | 2023-04-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


Added 2 new types of projectiles

  1. Bomb:
    • Explodes when colliding with any surface, shooting out 3 balls
    • Jumping over is worth 3 points (no wall jump bonus)
    • Emits an explosion effect
  2. Freeze Bomb:
    • Explodes when colliding with player, ground or ceiling
    • Freezes player for 2.5 seconds if within radius
    • Player cannot move & still takes damage
    • Emits a frost explosion effect
      Added 2 new level features
  3. Spikes
    • Damages for 1 health when fallen on & bounces player upward
  4. Platforms
    • Can be jumped up through by player
    • Projectiles are not affected by these (will go right thru them)

Added level & level transition system

  • Fixed camera not tracking correctly between levels

Added combo system

  • UI in top right corner to indicate multiplier
  • Multiplier reset if damaged / go to next level
  • Threshold to reach next multiplier is increased with each level
  • Made score particles reflect multiplier amount

Added lives system
Added a new level to introduce the bomb projectile and another to introduce the spikes & platforms
Fixed some collision issues with player against walls & projectiles getting stuck in terrain
Added coyote time (jump buffering) of .2 sec

Added invincibility effect when damaged and when starting level

  • Player can move but cannot destroy any projectiles nor be hit
  • Goes away after 1.5 sec (hit) / 2 sec (level start)

Added screen shake when damaged
Made it so that projectiles can only be destroyed when a player has jumped and is within a certain amount above the projectile. This way, falling off a ledge or platform without jumping doesn’t give you the point, and you have to be close to whatever you’re jumping over

  • It was too easy to jump over a ton of projectiles and rack up mad points before if you got up to a high spot

Made things much more adaptable overall:

  • Can add or remove ball types to each level separately, including giving them a variable spawn rate each time

Made it so that the regular balls’ spawn rate does not increase gradually over time

Reworked player UI

Playtest #2 for da gameburgerlers


Left/Right Arrow Keys - Move
O (C key) - Jump

  • Continue (in menus)

X (X key) - Jump to next level (FOR PLAYTEST REASONS)

  • Retry (in menus)


Score as many points as possible before dying!

Points are scored by jumping over a ball.
-1 point: jump over ball
-3 points: jump over a ball using a wall jump

Balls damage player for 1 health if colliding.

spikes damage player for 1 health and respawn them from starting position.

Springs bounce player.



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