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Hi !

I'm looking to do something a bit weird with the PICO-8 and didn't find anything in the manual that would point to a solution. Maybe someone has done something along those lines already ?

What I would like to do is to control the PICO-8 console itself, irrespective of the cartridge running, through an external program.
Mainly, I would want to reset the console and/or change the cartridge via the external program, without having a specific cartridge loaded, inputs on the PICO-8 itself or closing and restarting the PICO-8. (I believe that resetting only could work, by loading a specific path for the cartridge and changing the file directly ?)

I don't really have a preference on the way this control could be done, just being able to would be enough.
Maybe the PICO-8 could be integrated in the program itself, as in Celeste, but I haven't found anything related to that while searching the web.

It's a bit of a specific use case (I'm trying to use a physical cartridge to use on the PICO-8), but I would appreciate any help or pointers !

Thanks in advance

P#124702 2023-01-22 23:34

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