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BROS 0.0.10
by jmcb
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Cart #bros_sorb-10 | 2022-06-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Go to pause menu for controls and to delete autosave


testing export and splore upload
features cool custom font
Public domain, see https://github.com/joelsgp/Bros/blob/main/LICENSE

edit v0.0.2
fully working persistent highscore system

edit v0.0.3
music datamined and recreated

edit v0.0.5
music 100% accurate with multiple channels, tempo etc.
music player for trying out all 4 tracks (no playable levels yet)
more improvements

edit v0.0.6
Playable demo!

edit v0.0.8
New playable demo version with lots of improvements, like movement more accurate to the original, jump sound, you can pick up coins, lots of bug fixes, code refactoring.
If you played a previous version, your hiscore data will be corrupted.

edit v0.0.9
Iconic BROS sounds from the original now work in PICO-8's hidden sampled sound system!
Also contains a number of other improvements, fixes, and progress, like sprites, end screen, and controls guide

edit v0.0.10
Lots of bug fixes and polish. Main features are pretty much done, next release will probably be a beta

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