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Hello world.
I am Sushikoba, born in the seventies.
I love computers and video games since I discovered them on a ZX-81.
A brain disease made me loose my developper job.

I have a lot of time, so I decided to demake one of my favourite games, THE SACRED ARMOR OF ANTIRIAD from PALACE SOFTWARE, on Pico-8.

Pico-8 is a fantastic tool, so simple. I spend hours on playing cartridges.
My adventure is now beginning.

:: Unfold ::

Hello, here is my first game.

It is an adaptation of a scene in the film TRON with the lightcycles.

Hit C key to begin game

Player one directions : LEFTT UP RIGHT DOWN
Player two directions : E S F D

Yellow bonuses give lightcycles a laser shot when touched.

Player one shoots with X button, player two with A

The laser breaks everything and creates a shortcut when hitting a wall.

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In one player mode You have to collect all yellow squares to open the exit.

You have three lives.

You can have a shot in the middle area.
This time shots doesn't break exit walls.

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