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Cart #bloometernal-2 | 2020-04-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Made for Ludum Dare 46, by Sam B and Josh S.

BLOOM ETERNAL is an arcade shooter / water-em-up, in which you must keep your plants alive and fend off the attackers. Make sure every flower patch is kept hydrated!


You are the BLOOM SLAYER, a peaceful garden-loving ex-marine who tends to his nursery in HELL. Out of nowhere, your garden is laid siege to by a never-ending army of plant-eating SLUGS. Equipped with an array of powerful weapons (and your trusty watering can) you must relive your past life to keep your flowers safe...


  • Numerous equippable weapons & powerups!
  • Multiple classes of enemy slug! (2 of them)
  • Cute pixel-art BLOOMGUY!
  • A reasonably-sized arena!
  • Lava!


Arrow keys or ESDF to move. Z/C to use watering can. Use mouse to aim and LMB to shoot weapons.


  • “I felt like I was really killing slugs in hell!” - Josh S
  • “10/10 best gardening simulator of the week” - Alan Titchmarsh
  • “.” - BLOOM SLAYER


PICO-8 Particle System by fililou

PICO-Tween by JoebRogers

doomfire by fernandojsg

sprite rotation by jihem

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