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I posted an updated version of my game Solar Blaster: Challenge Stage to the bbs last night (14 May 2021), and removed the previous version from the opening post but now the game seems to have completely vanished from Splore.

The game is on the bbs here:


Searching for SOLARBLASTER in Splore returns no results, and I have no idea why. Has this happened to anyone else after they have updated the version of a game in the opening post of a bbs thread? Or does Splore just take a while to update the listings when new versions are posted?

As far as I can tell I uploaded the new version of the game correctly - the cart is solarblaster-2 and should be findable by searching for solarblaster in Splore.

Also, in the bbs forum listings the thread for the game no longer has the cartridge label image as the thumbnail and the thumbnail is now the default avatar graphic. The game still has a valid cartridge label, so again I'm confused as to what has happened!

Can a mod or admin please take a look and help me to get Solar Blaster back on Splore and fix the thread thumbnail image?


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Cart #solarblaster-3 | 2021-06-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


The Earth is under attack from the invading alien war machine! Take control of the Solar Blaster fighter ship and strike back!

Solar Blaster: Challenge Stage is an action packed space shooter where you’ve got 2 minutes to get the high score. Destroy as many enemy waves as you can within the time limit, collect power ups like rapid fire and spread shot and cause massive destruction with your 3 super bombs.

This game is based on the 2 minute ‘caravan’ shooter format from classic PC Engine games. I wanted to create a simple, fun shooter that was easy to pick up and play and that players would want to keep coming coming back to again and again.

Solar Blaster: Challenge Stage is my first completed game for Pico-8 and I hope you all have fun playing it! Try competing with your friends to see who can get the high score.

The game has also launched on itch.io, where it can be played in your browser or you can download for free the stand alone versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi:


Take up the challenge and go for the high score!

7 May 2021 - Now updated to version 1.1 with the new 'Endless Attack' mode selectable on the title screen!
14 May 2021 - Updated to version 1.2 containing fix for scoring exploit in Endless Attack mode and other minor fixes.
8 June 2021 - Updated to version 1.3 with some fixes to the presentation of the game.

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