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Hello hello! I like fantasy and dragons and cute things.

My PFP at time of writing is Rhubarb who is all three of those.

Currently working on Listra's Folly

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Updated Jan 25 2020

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Cart #wdslistrasfolly-0 | 2020-01-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hello folks! I just picked up the Voxatron + PICO-8 bundle a few days ago.

After a few hurdles and temper tantrums, I accepted my current limitations and finally have the early makings of a tangible game! Basically only the title screen functions.

It's called Listra's Folly for now. It'll be an adventure puzzle game similar to Chip's Challenge or Toad's Treasure Tracker. It's not going to be the full vision I had for this game (at least not in the near future) because I'm not yet one of those procedural-generating geniuses, so the limitations are currently quite limiting for me. I'm aware that PICO-8 basically lets users rewrite the entire map and/or sprite sheet on the fly, but I'll worry about that later.

I'm not sure how this BBS thing works, except that you can't post those cheeky super-carts that load data from more than one cart. I don't really mind if my code or sprites are visible from this embed, but peeking at the sprites might be spoilers because I've drawn A LOT more things than I've implemented. Also you'll laugh at my cruddy sprite work.

If you DO look at the code, well, it might seem a bit overblown for what content is currently here, but hopefully it'll pay off later because I fooled Lua into thinking it had classes.

Neat things to do:

  • Down + A to toggle collision visibility
  • Walk off of the level
  • Walk off of the title screen
  • Pause, RESTART LEVEL (not available on title screen)

There aren't any other actors yet, but when I add them, they SHOULD freeze when Listra dies by any means. Maybe. We'll see what happens.

My biggest complaint about PICO-8 right now is how lousy the music editor is... but since PICO-8 games can write to cart data, maybe somebody's made a better music editor for it. If not, I'll have to put one together later.

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