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Cart #mrbox11-0 | 2019-10-18 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hi, evryone! This is my first game. I novice in programming and I study it myself. So my code awful. Also sorry for my weird music and bad english)

Game includes 16 stages!

Ok, how to play.

It is small arcade like in 80s. We have our hero - mr. Box. It's ordinary carton box (but he can move and shooting with blocks). He have opened top (i think, this usually when boxes opened from top, right?). In my game blocks random fallen from the sky. We need try catch them on top our box (besides Evil Blocks). Then we get them into. But in box can be only three blocks (you can see what that blocks into box at right-bottom corner of screen). If all three blocks in box are same color, then triggered some magic... and they disappear, but instead we get some score points.

So, 3 green blocks = 10 score points,
3 blue blocks = 20 score points
and 3 red blocks = 30 score points.

Also in my game exist bonus blocks: yellow "II" and white "III". They multiply score points on 2 and 3. But you need at least one ordinary block. For example: for get maximum score poins in one time you need into your box 1 red and 2 white "III" blocks (30x3x3=270).

If you have in box wrong combination of blocks, you can shooting them out (buttons Z or X). Also it help to kick ass some enemies))

In fine for clear each stage you need reach score points "Goal" in limite time (that "Goal" you can see at bottom of screen).

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