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I'm a newbie to PICO-8. I'm not a coder at all but I dabble in chiptune. I purchased PICO-8 last night and I've been having a blast making tunes and teaching myself how to use the music editor!

I have one question though and I was wondering if anyone knows the answer. Is it possible to delay or offset the playing of an sfx in the music editor?

I'll try and explain why I'm asking and hopefully I can articulate it in a way that makes sense! 😅

the reason I ask is if, for example, I'm making a song where most of the sfx are speed 16, the only way to increase the resolution of notes is to double the speed of an sfx, to say, 8. But if I want a drum fill to play at the end of a bar there's no way I can delay the playing of that sfx so that it plays at the end.

If I'm playing a speed 8 sfx concurrently with a speed 16 sfx, they both start at the same time. I can loop the speed 8 sfx but then I'll get my drum fill twice.

I hope that makes sense. If anyone knows the answer to this I'd be really grateful. The ability to play sfx at different speeds seems to me a like a very powerful tool for music making and a lot of potential for some fun polyrhythmic stuff, but would be a lot more powerful if you could control WHEN each sfx begins playing.

GB ^_^

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